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Thesistools you tube

Ronald Voorn Piet Kommers Int.

Thesistools you tube

Kommers University of Twente, P. The aim of this study is to understand how social media contribute to face-to-face collaborative learning by introvert students in higher education.

Thesistools you tube

A total of students participated. This study shows that more introvert students perceive that social media are more helpful for increasing their collaborative learning performance and self-confidence.

These students feel that their true nature is hampered in face-to-face contact and prefer to communicate via social media rather than face-to-face communication. Additionally, all students in this study signal that they wish their educators to make more use of social media.

HE institutions are therefore recommended to make more use of social media to enhance collaborative learning. Reference to this paper should be made as follows: Voorn is a student at the University of Twente, specialising in new media and communication. He currently engages in his Master thesis, which he plans to finish at the beginning of Next to his consulting activities, he is a Lecturer at the Utrecht University of Applied Sciences, The Netherlands, teaching in the subjects of marketing, marketing communications and consumer behaviour.

His research interests are in the areas of media, learning and visual communication. Sincehe has been increasingly involved in a broad range of European-based research projects in media supported and continued learning.

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Kommers 1 Introduction At the dawn of the new journal of International Journal of Social Media and Interactive Learning Environments, it is good to introduce this article as a synthesis of educational- media- and communication-based disciplines.

The recent study on the motive and relevance of online friendship revealed four types: Both the European Union EU Commission,as well as the Dutch Government and its Education Council Onderwijsraad,share a vision that their higher education HE systems play a crucial role in ensuring the long term international competitiveness of an envisioned EU knowledge economy.

In this context, the Dutch Education Council therefore expresses the desire, with urgency, for HE institutions to train and coach students in an effective way.

The students would become broadminded global citizens, master their subjects, and have advanced competencies in the areas of analysis, creativity, problem solving, and the skills required for effective multidisciplinary and intercultural collaboration.

In other words, the promotion of higher-level learning and collaborative skills has become an urgent priority in Europe. The potential for social media as a facilitating tool in achieving higher level learning results, through collaboration with others, seems obvious and is also supported by literature Brown, ; Junco et al.

The potential of social media is further recognised in a UNESCO policy document Kommers,which calls for a period of experimentation with social media and to allow them in the classroom to gauge their strengths and weaknesses.


For this to be successful, however, it also requires a more exact understanding of the perceptions that students in HE entertain with regards to the benefits of social media. What types of students expect to benefit the most of the use of social media in HE?

Is it different for extrovert and introvert students? Although both extrovert and introvert students seem to prefer face-to-face communication, the more introvert students tend to be more active in the use of social media Goby, It is suggested that the more introvert students expect to benefit most from the use of social media as it offers them the opportunity to communicate more freely and more in line with their true nature than in face-to-face meetings Amichai-Hamburger et al.Apr 04,  · Significant changes in the practice of chest radiography in Dutch intensive care units: a web-based survey.

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