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LinkedIn0 In his Checkers speech, Richard Nixon was one of the first politicians to use the medium of television to defend himself against accusations of wrong-doing. This speech came during the presidential election campaign.

School senator speech

Text version below transcribed directly from audio] Thanks very much, Barbara Mikulski, for your very eloquent, your eloquent introduction.

Distinguished legislator, great spokeswoman for economic democracy and social justice in this country, I thank you for your eloquent introduction. Well, things worked out a little different from the way I thought, but let me tell you, I still love New York. My fellow Democrats and my fellow Americans, I have come here tonight not to argue as a candidate but to affirm a cause.

I'm asking you -- I am asking you to renew the commitment of the Democratic Party to economic justice. I am asking you to renew our commitment to a fair School senator speech lasting prosperity that can put America back to work.

This is the cause that brought me into the campaign and that sustained me for nine months across amiles in 40 different states. We had our losses, but the pain of our defeats is far, far less than the pain of the people that I have met.

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We have learned that it is important to take issues seriously, but never to take ourselves too seriously. The serious issue before us tonight is the cause for which the Democratic Party has stood in its finest hours, the cause that keeps our Party young and makes it, in the second century of its age, the largest political Party in this republic and the longest lasting political Party on this planet.

Our cause has been, since the days of Thomas Jefferson, the cause of the common man and the common woman. Our commitment has been, since the days of Andrew Jackson, to all those he called "the humble members of society -- the farmers, mechanics, and laborers. Now I take the unusual step of carrying the cause and the commitment of my campaign personally to our national convention.

I speak out of a deep sense of urgency about the anguish and anxiety I have seen across America. I speak out of a deep belief in the ideals of the Democratic Party, and in the potential of that Party and of a President to make a difference.

And I speak out of a deep trust in our capacity to proceed with boldness and a common vision that will feel and heal the suffering of our time and the divisions of our Party. The economic plank of this platform on its face concerns only material things, but it is also a moral issue that I raise tonight.

It has taken many forms over many years. In this campaign and in this country that we seek to lead, the challenge in is to give our voice and our vote for these fundamental democratic principles.

Let us pledge that we will never misuse unemployment, high interest rates, and human misery as false weapons against inflation. Let us pledge that employment will be the first priority of our economic policy. Let us pledge that there will be security for all those who are now at work, and let us pledge that there will be jobs for all who are out of work; and we will not compromise on the issues of jobs.

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These are not simplistic pledges.At the Republican national convention, a young Senator from California, Richard M. Nixon, was chosen to be the running mate of presidential candidate Dwight D.


School senator speech

Kimberly Lee, Summit HS, New Jersey Chase Garrett, Southside HS, South Carolina Izabella Czejdo, McDowell HS, Pennsylvania Daniel Williams, Holy Cross School, Louisiana.

Jun 11,  · One high school student is refusing to be silenced by her high school administration. Petaluma High School senior Lulabel Seitz was delivering her valedictorian speech during the school.

Mr. President, I come to the floor today to enter the debate on comprehensive immigration reform.

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It is a debate that will touch on the basic questions of morality, the law, and what it means to be an American. Inspiring Ideas and Action. The Clinton School Speaker Series not only enhances the education of Clinton School students, but also provides a venue for the public to engage in intellectual discussions on the issues of the day.

Before coming to USC, Anthony Llamas won a scholarship to a private high school where he worked a full-time job, kept up a GPA and competed in soccer.

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