Presidential outlines ap us history

World War I recruiting poster by James Montgomery Flagg Select any of the resources below to view topical outlines and charts. PDF versions of many lectures and charts are available for easier printing. Colonial Beginnings pdf --Europeans apply different models to colonial America, though the British plan is the most successful. American Puritanism pdf --From the earliest setlers at Massachusetts Bay through the Great Awakening, Puritanism had the largest effect on American values of any single religious tradition.

Presidential outlines ap us history

He died on September 14, in Buffalo New York. McKinley was the third president to be assassinated. McKinley ran for the Presidency from Ohio. McKinley had a relatively easy and normal childhood. He was the seventh child of eight. His parents were loving people who instilled in McKinley the importance of hard-work, religion, and education.

McKinley worked very hard in school as a youth and then attended Alleghany College in Pennsylvania for one term, until he had to leave for financial reasons. Presidential outlines ap us history the Civil War, he proved to be an excellent soldier and quickly moved up the ranks to the position of Brevet Major.

Like many presidents before him, after his serving in the war, McKinley went into the practice of law. It was during this time that he also began to get involved with various groups supporting the Republican Party.

McKinley served in congress for many years and then as Governor of Ohio before running for the presidency. McKinley was elected to the presidency twice.

He served his first term from toat which point he had been reelected. However, shortly into his second term McKinley was assassinated. Inthere were two main issues.

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One was the money issue, with the Democrats supporting bimetallism, and the Republicans only hard money in gold. The other major issue of was the ongoing rise of big business.

Presidential outlines ap us history

McKinley, and many Republicans, supported higher tariffs, which favored big business owners, and other pro-big business legislation. The Democrats, who had been joined by the Populist Party, used this against McKinley, declaring that he was in the pockets of the business owners.

Most of the issues in were the same as the previous election, and the Democrats even put forth the same candidate. However, McKinley was a popular and well liked president. He was the victorious leader of the nation when the Spanish-American War was won, and had the country back on track as far as economic prosperity, something that had been shaky and unstable throughout the s.

During both his elections, the Democratic candidate for president during both of his elections was William J. Hobart died in office in McKinley was a Republican. Many of the issues McKinley dealt with during his presidency were on the social sphere.

McKinley was very careful not to alienate the White Southerners, whom he knew where an important group for any presidential hopeful, especially as a Republican, so he did very little to stop the tensions and violence against Southern Blacks during his term. Although he supported the Sherman Anti-Trust Act, he actually did very little to see that it was upheld.

McKinley could be considered a little bit two-faced in terms of where his allegiances lied because although he supported big businesses, he also had good relations with leaders of the labor movement.

He knew that the laborers were an important part of the voting population and maintained on good terms with them by appointing former labor and union leaders to government positions, passing legislation in favor of the exclusion of Chinese laborers, and formal meeting with AFL head, Samuel Gompers.

A large number of the issues that McKinley dealt with during his time as President were economic. He believed that by raising the revenue on foreign imported goods it would foster the growth of American industries.

He also wanted to use the extra revenue raised by the Tariff to allow for lower internal taxes.U.S. History Outline. Looking for an outline for your school's textbook? Check the links page.

Presidential outlines ap us history

I. Presidential Elections Elections - Elections - Elections - Elections - Elections - AP* U.S. History About the Test Documents Notecards Outline Presidents Testing Tips Forum Links. AP* Subjects. Presidential Reconstruction. In the spring of , the Civil War came to an end, leaving over , dead and a devastating path of destruction throughout the south.

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