Nivea background

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Nivea background

The year wasand Christianity was enjoying a huge revival that is, if you're okay with me calling a huge influx of unconverted pagans into the church a revival.

The Great Persecution —only the 2nd empire-wide persecution and easily the longest—had ended with Galerius' Edict of Toleration in followed by Constantine's Edict of Milan in Fresco of the Council of Nicea Throughout the 3rd century, Christianity was rapidly becoming more formal.

The churches were more organized, leadership had grown larger and more structured as the Church increased in size, and more and more rules were used to keep Christian conduct in line.

In the past, during the apostolic era and the 2nd century, relationships and knowing one another had provided restraint in Christian's lives.

Rules are never as effective as love and peer pressure, so the discipline of the Church and Christians in it had eroded. Alexander the Metropolitan Alexander was more than just a bishop. He was a "Metropolitan.

In the early fourth century, the bishops of Rome and Alexandria were the two most powerful metropolitans. The First Council of Nicea, only 7 years in the future, would confirm their authority over country-size areas around their city.

A council that Alexander and Arius made necessary. I can't give you a better reference for that last paragraph than the "feel" of the 2nd century and 3rd century writings.

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Lines Are Drawn One day, Alexander called together the elders of Alexandria to ask them questions about the Scripture. Arius was sharp-tongued, bold, and no stranger to controversy; he had already been excommunicated once by a previous bishop in He told Alexander that if the Son was begotten by the Father, then the Son had a beginning.

Before he was begotten by the Father, he did not exist. Alexander told him this was heresy, but Arius refused to back down. Alexander had to do something, but it took time. Apparently he was patient some say slow in dealing with Arius. Eventually, though, after consulting with other bishops, he removed Arius from office and even excommunicated him [i.

This happened in A. In the Pre-Nicene Church [i. Thus, Arius was speaking against the accepted tradition of the Church, a big no-no in those days.

Arius was now outside the church, but he was not about to drop the argument. Fanning the Flames Leading to the Council of Nicea Having lost his battle with the bishops, Arius took his case to "sailors, millers, and travelers.

Worse, he also convinced Eusebius, the bishop of Nicomedia and a popular church leader, to join his cause. This was bad because Arius was wrong.

Nivea background

The universal testimony of Arius' predecessors over the previous two centuries was that the apostles had taught their churches that the Son had existed prior to being begotten; he had existed inside the Father as his Logos.

It's hard for me to imagine how Arius or Eusebius of Nicomedia could not have known this. While I understand that the writings of earlier church leaders could not be picked up at their local Christian bookstore, earlier church writings were extensively quoted by 4th-century authors.

Nivea background

We know they were available. The former adopted Arianism and was rightly censured by the Council of Nicea. The latter was in high regard among contemporaries, but he is occasionally accused of Arianism by later churchmen and historians who do not understand the Nicene and Ante-Nicene view of the Trinity.It's fitting that Nivea has made her recording debut as a featured vocalist on multi platinum rapper Mystical's acclaimed chart topping single "Danger" because that's exactly what the bubbly.

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Cape cobra (Naja nivea) at rest. Cape Cobra (Naja nivea) juvenile defensive hooding, Little Karoo, South Africa. Cape cobra, Naja nivea, South Africa. Cape cobra, yellow cobra (Naja nivea), resting.

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