Microsoft access 2007: a manual critique essay

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Microsoft access 2007: a manual critique essay

Get Full Essay Get access to this section to get all help you need with your essay and educational issues. Get Access Microsoft Access The confusion can be greater for people who are new to Microsoft Access.

Be that as it may, the new help button offers new features. Users may immediately notice that the help button opens a new window separate from the Microsoft Access program window.

This may be more convenient in terms of separating searches in the help window with the work currently being done in the Access window.

In other words, users can separately search for help topics while continuing with their work in Access. Also, users can easily switch between these two windows, thereby allowing more flexibility.

The help window can also be resized or repositioned. This allows users the capability to put the help window and the Microsoft Access window side-by-side which, in essence, offers significant help in terms of simultaneously reading help topics and working on the document in the program window.

As far as the layout is concerned, the help window for Microsoft Access allows for ease of use. For one, the top icons in the help window provide options that are useful for those who are new to the program. Also, the help window includes a search feature.

The visuals of the search feature are obviously patterned after the online search engines, thereby helping first-time users become more familiar with the help feature of Microsoft Access.

Users will find it convenient since it makes them feel as though they are simply doing a basic search online. Users will notice that below the online search box are several useful links.

Each of the links redirects to specific pages where a basic discussion of some of the major topics are put in text. Within some of the links, users will find subtopics. The categories are very useful since they distinguish what could be very broad help topics for users. One disadvantage, though, is that people who skip the search box or those who cannot easily find the help topic they are looking for will have to browse through the posted help topics in the help window.

Nevertheless, the subcategories for each category and the specific topics under each subcategory will provide a less strenuous means for users to pinpoint the help topic they are searching. The very minimal use of graphics in the help window allows for ease of access to the different topics.

This reduces the confusion that first-time users might encounter. All the user has to do is to click on a particular link and read. If none of the listed topics include the help topic being sought, users can choose to key in their help topics in the search box.

However, the online search functionality only works if the user is connected to the internet. Otherwise, the user will have to settle with manually browsing through the prelisted help topics. However, there is a separate search box that will allow the user to sift through the help topics in the help window.

The only limitation to this is when the specific topic that the user is looking for is not listed. One interesting feature of the help window is that it is patterned after most major online search engines. It is as if the user is using a web browser to find help topics.

This is helpful on two fronts. First, users who are familiar with web browsers and online search engines will have easier use of the help window. In each search, several search results are listed.

Each search result provides text clips of the entire article, thereby allowing users to have a brief overview of every indexed result and to find their help topic more efficiently.

Microsoft access 2007: a manual critique essay

Second, even if the first-time user of Microsoft Access will quickly adapt to the features in the help window. This is assuming that the user knows a thing or two about web browsers and online search engines such as Google, Yahoo and Bing.Open a new Word document. Click on the Insert menu on the ribbon.

Insert an Attractive Cover Page

The dropdown for Cover Page is the first feature you will spot on the menu (under Pages). Click on tiny arrow next to it and open the inbuilt gallery of templates.

Oct 08,  · Double-click the Interactive – Access to Access command file to start the guide. Rest the pointer over an Access menu or button to learn its new location in Access Microsoft Access A Manual Critique Essay Sample.

People who are used to Microsoft Access may instantly notice that Microsoft Access does not have a “help” tab in the menu bar. Early versions of Access cannot extensions but Microsoft Access can read and change earlier versions of Access.

Because of the computer can restore the stored Data Base and upgrading it very fast than the normal human manual hand can do. Essay about Research Critique . User Manual Critique The user manual is for the Apple iPad mobile device.

It is a user manual with instructions, operation, and maintenance of the Apple iPad tablet.

In this article

In order to approve or disapprove of this user manual, the manual will be critique in six criteria: Organization, order of information, access features, variety features, graphics, and content. Buy custom Microsoft Word Critique essay paper cheap Microsoft Word is the most widely used application software among other application softwares or in the Microsoft suite.

Others applications include Microsoft Access, PowerPoint, Excel and publisher.

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