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Article Assignment Cosmetic is a highly consumer related item. Therefore a very new company in exporting arena needs to research the market environment of that country including the competitive phenomenon existing there. Regarding that, while we are going to launch our product Craze in Nepal we are also bound to do that. While analyzing the competitors, the main competitors should be the local companies and foreign companies who export in Nepal.

Lakme swot

Environment must be scanned so as to determine development and forecasts of factors that will influence organizational success.

It helps the managers to decide the future path of the organization. Scanning must identify the threats and opportunities existing in the environment.

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While strategy formulation, an organization must take advantage of the opportunities and minimize the threats. A threat for one organization may be an opportunity for another.

Internal analysis of the environment is the Lakme swot step of environment scanning. Organizations should observe the internal organizational environment.

This includes employee interaction with other employees, employee interaction with management, manager interaction with other managers, and management interaction with shareholders, access to natural resources, brand awareness, organizational structure, main staff, operational potential, etc.

Lakme swot

Also, discussions, interviews, and surveys can be used to assess the internal environment. Analysis of internal environment helps in identifying strengths and weaknesses of an organization.

As business becomes more competitive, and there are rapid changes in the external environment, information from external environment adds crucial elements to the effectiveness of long-term plans. Organizations have also to update the core competencies and internal environment as per external environment.

Environmental factors are infinite, hence, organization should be agile and vigile to accept and adjust to the environmental changes. For instance - Monitoring might indicate that an original forecast of the prices of the raw materials that are involved in the product are no more credible, which could imply the requirement for more focused scanning, forecasting and analysis to create a more trustworthy prediction about the input costs.


Also, an assessment of the nature, stage, dynamics and history of the industry is essential. It also implies evaluating the effect of globalization on competition within the industry. Analyzing the national environment needs an appraisal of whether the national framework helps in achieving competitive advantage in the globalized environment.

Analysis of macro-environment includes exploring macro-economic, social, government, legal, technological and international factors that may influence the environment. Strategic managers must not only recognize the present state of the environment and their industry but also be able to predict its future positions.SWOT.

Analysis of Lakme Since market liberalization, several multinational companies, such as Revlon, Coty, Oriflame, Chambor, Avon, Yardley, Nina. Lakme fruit moisturizer Sun Protection The range comprises of lotions to keep your skin healthy and younger looking.[citation needed] SWOT ANALYSIS OF LAKME.


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A SWOT analysis may be incorporated into the strategic planning model. SWOT analysis is a process of situational analysis. Evaluating a firm’s strengths, weaknesses, opportunities, and threats through a SWOT analysis is an easy process that provides valuable insights relating to critical issues affecting an organization.

Maybelline competes with Revlon and Lakme in the colour cosmetics market in India. Building brand image by collaborating with top designers in Lakme Fashion week Threats: 1. 3.

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Lakme has used customer groups such as individual customers and the professionals through its network salon and the varied need of the customers in the areas of Beauty, Haircare, Make-up, and skin care as a basis of segmentation.

The report covers an in depth description, competitive scenario, wide product portfolio of key vendors and business strategy adopted by competitors along with their SWOT analysis. To report various factors impacting the Vaseline the research study further incorporates Porter’s five .

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