Itam business plan

Information Technology and Administrative Management Introduction With this specialization, you will become a qualified business professional prepared to pursue careers that apply a blend of management, administrative and information technology skills in contemporary business environments. The administrative manager supervises office employees, designs office work systems, maintains internal and external communication systems, and compiles meaningful reports from information processing. All types of business from agriculture and finance, to manufacturing and health care are seeking graduates with these skills.

Itam business plan

Common business itam business plan include request and approval process, procurement management, life cycle management, [2] redeployment and disposal management.

A key component is capturing the financial information about the hardware life cycle which aids the organization in making business decisions based on meaningful and measurable financial objectives. Software Asset Management is a similar process, focusing on software assets, including licenses, versions and installed endpoints.

Role of IT asset management in an organization[ edit ] The IT Asset Management function is the primary point of accountability for the life-cycle management of information technology assets throughout the organization.

IT Asset Management uses integrated software solutions that work with all departments that are involved in the procurement, deployment, management and expense reporting of IT assets. IT Asset Disposition[ edit ] When assets need to be removed from the enterprise, they move through various disposition processes.

Commonly they are handed over to an IT Asset Disposition vendor to be recycled or destroyed.

Software Licence Management

Assets should be managed properly after going offline to ensure they do not get lost prior to reaching the vendor. The vendor of choice should then have secure procedures for tracking assets during the entire time of their possession.

After proper disposal, the vendor provides a certificate of destruction with the serial numbers of assets they destroyed and recycled. The company should then verify the serial numbers on their certificate of destruction with the assets they know they handed over to the vendor.

Tracking assets that are offline, prior to disposal, should be approached with the same efficiency and security as when those same assets are online. A good method for choosing a destruction vendor is to find a NAID certified company.

They have a corporate responsibility to dispose of e-waste properly to ensure a healthy environment. Look into donation programs in your area.

itam business plan

The ISO family consists of 5 major parts, is a process related standard which outlines best practices for IT Asset Management in an organization. Initially published inthis standard was revised in This standard was published in This is crucial when considering complex datacentre license types and for management of cloud based software and hardware SaaS and IaaS.

A free copy of the overview and vocabulary is available here. Process[ edit ] ITAM business practices are process-driven and matured through iterative and focused improvements. Most successful ITAM programs are invasive to the organization, involving everyone at some level, such as end users educating on compliancebudget managers redeployment as a choiceIT service departments providing information on warrantiesand finance invoice reconciliation, updates for fixed asset inventories.

IT asset management generally uses automation, to manage the discovery of assets, so inventory can be compared to license entitlements. Full business management of IT assets requires a repository of multiple types of information about the asset, as well as integration with other systems such as supply chainhelp deskprocurement and HR systems and ITSM.

For small and medium-sized businesses, a solution might not have to be so robust as to influence many departments. A good solution for small businesses will enable them to search for assets they currently own, manage online and offline assets, and plan accurately for the future.“Tangible cost reduction can be obtained through the use of optimised evidential data and specialised vendor negotiation strategy.”.

With this specialization, you will become a qualified business professional prepared to pursue careers that apply a blend of management, administrative and information technology skills in contemporary business environments.

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itam business plan

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