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Yes you very well could be pregnant, all of you who aren't sure. My family has a ton of kids in the family, so i've heard all the gory details of the beginnings of pregnancy. For those of you taking the urine tests, yes you absolutely want to take the test with the first morning urine, it has a stronger dose of the chemical that your body produces when you are pregnant, so that morning urine is most likely to be the strongest, and therefore the most accurate.

I could feel that the time

I'm a 29 year old female with2 kids. I also felt tired and weak alot. I would have a hard time getting out of bed. It would take me hours to feel good. I would feel like this for a few weeks and then feel fine. My mom took me to my doctor a few times. They did blood work and never could find anything wrong.

The only medication that ever made me feel better was the pain pills I was prescribed after a minor car accident.

I don't want to take pain pills for unknown illness. The pain pills just mask the problem not cure it.

I have tried changing my diet and taking vitamins, but they dont seem to help. I just don't feel good about 5 days a week. Sometimes my body is sore or sometimes i feel sick to my stomach. Others times I'm just so weak changing my sons diaper makes me feel like I'm going to pass out.

Any ideas of what doctor I should go to or what tests I should take? Added 2 May I have had these problems since I was a child. They have just gotten worse as I get older. I'm about to turn 30, but feel like I'm about to be My mother in law that just had a heart attack feels better then I do and has more energy.

My next 2 steps is to see if it's hormones or fybermyalga.

I could feel that the time

My body does ache most of the time but not to bad. Most of the pain being in my left shoulder and side of neck. Not sure if the body aches are a symptom or just from being to tired and weak to get enough movement trough out the day.Maybe there could be the chance of hormones changes which make you feel like you are pregnant.

It is better to concentrate on the diet and create a perfect balanced diet. To conquer on weakness you can add the iron rich foods and have the proper nutrients foods in your diet.

I could feel that the time

I just want to feel normal for a longer period of time,instead of the odd day here & there. I have a voice in my head saying "be grateful for that" but i just feel Fed up,with being physically fit,but feeling malaise most of the time. Answers from experts on jittery feeling inside. First: These symptoms are nondiagnostic at this time, but a physician will need to take a detailed history,examine you,and if necessary, order the appropriate tests or a referral to a neurologist if your symptoms persist.

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And since the temperature of our extremities tend to control how the rest of our bodies feel, cold hands can lead you to feel chilled all over.

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