How to avoid culture shock

Send To Devices Send You are moving to a new country, all filled with excitement, planning on various places to explore; you feel like the feeling will never fade and you will be full of elation for your entire stay. Then the time comes and you actually go to a new place and have taste of all that you planned though some things go against the plans but you get over it because of course you are way too excited to tread over disappointments even for a minute! But not to worry! Though no one is immune to it, but encountering it and minimizing its impacts is whole another story, and anyone can do that it just takes a little patience.

How to avoid culture shock

Electric Shocks in Culture Most everyone knows that an electric shock is an exceptionally powerful force. When people think of electricity, they look at the lights above them or the power lines running past their homes.

They recall the last thunderstorm. People understand and appreciate electricity, but few people think of how versatile it truly is.

How to avoid culture shock

Electricity is an extremely entertaining commodity in so many ways. Look around at all the things near you that are powered by electricity. The very computer screen you are looking at is probably powered by electricity, as are your lights, the television and possible the heat in your home.

Electricity gives us music, movies and games, and is referenced in all three, plus countless other types of entertainment.

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Electric shocks have even been incorporated into human sexuality in the form electrosex with e-stimulation devices. We use electricity to become bigger than we are and extend our power to other creatures. While some electric animals naturally have shocking capabilities, such as rays and eels, humans have to harness the power to use it.

In turn, we use electric shocks against animals and against other humans. Electrical shocks are a standard force in controlling animal behavior, from fences for cattle to collars for dogs.

Yes, electricity can be cruel, but it is also undeniably beautiful as it lights up the night sky. Often we hear versions of the adage stating that we cannot stop Mother Nature, and her wrath is often evident in deadly lightning strikes.

It is a risk we often take. Sometimes electricity is beneficial and other times electric shocks injure our bodies. The uses in the electric shock treatment field are constantly growing and its power can be used to diagnose, treat and sometimes cure a variety of ailments.

Unfortunately, studies suggest that it can cause as many issues as it combats. The variety of electric shock games is huge and the companies behind the toys are always looking for the next thrill for their customers.

You can either compete with your friends on who has the best reactions and pain resistance or you hide the shocking experience for them in fake-objects of daily use like a pack of chewing gum or a lighter.

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Electrical shocks can heal our bodies or cause diseases that make us suffer.Dec 16,  · More silence. The teacher’s voice turned soft with contempt. “See, once the book is closed you’re dumb.

Ab-so-lut-ely dumbstruck.” Deep whirled . Having traveled extensively throughout the world, I felt that I already knew of the full extent of culture shock. I was wrong. The culture shock I had experienced in Tokyo was far different than anything I had ever encountered anywhere else in the world.

How to avoid reverse culture shock More than one traveler has suffered from symptoms of culture shock. When I lived in Slovakia, every time I returned from trips abroad I’d experience severe reverse culture shock, getting angry at the condition of public bathrooms or upset at poor customer service.

avoiding interaction with other cultures b. expecting everyone around you to mimic your cultural norms c. studying other cultures d. it is impossible to avoid culture shock Ask for details Follow5/5(4).

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Culture Shock: A Biblical Response to Today's Most Divisive Issues [Chip Ingram] on *FREE* shipping on qualifying offers. We live in a reactionary culture where divisive issues arise, people on either side throw stones, and everyone ends up more entrenched in their opinions than in reaching common ground--or even exhibiting common courtesy!

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