Halal certification an international marketing issues

Comment Mar 28, - customers are willing to pay premium for Halal logistics services, and Omar and The purpose of this study is to evaluate the external environment factors that have an impact towards the Halal logistics industry in Malaysia. Halal is the biggest market in the world and is largely overlooked.

Halal certification an international marketing issues

The law, the first of its kind, requires food to be labeled halal or not infollowed by toiletries in and medicines in The companies say demand for beauty products that are halal, or target specific issues like veiled hair, will grow as the Muslim middle class grows.

They note that Indonesia could influence other countries such as Malaysia where halal products made locally or by small, niche companies are also popular. Halal certification is official recognition that a product was manufactured in keeping with Islamic Sharia law.

This means it must not contain traces of pork, alcohol or blood, and must be made on factory lines free of contamination risk, including from cleaning.

Makers of cosmetics and toiletries say the burden is more administrative than financial, and therefore see compliance as unlocking new revenue streams. The halal ingredients do not carry premium price tags, he said.

Most products under its Garnier brand, from face washes to skin lightening creams, are halal-certified, a spokeswoman said. The personal care industry already depends largely on plant-derived ingredients, so the rules for halal often affect production more than formulation. But certification can get complicated.

For example, the maker of an Indonesian skin cream with a dozen ingredients from around the world would need to give Indonesian authorities proof from other certification bodies that each ingredient was made in a halal way. Malaysia-based DagangHalal has made a business from that complexity by establishing an online database of halal certificates to ease their exchange and expedite the process for applicants.

As of February, it said 38 out of over certification bodies worldwide had signed up. The company, which also runs a halal e-commerce site, reported revenue of 5.

Non-halal products will remain available in Indonesia following the labeling law, but may meet a backlash. But Jope said the key for multinationals like Unilever — with global marketing and development teams — is understanding Muslim values generally and how they influence habits in specific markets with different cultures and ethnicities.

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He said better meeting their needs was a top strategic priority. To that end, Unilever has introduced products such as a gel body moisturizer that absorbs quickly beneath long undergarments and a long-lasting toothpaste appealing to those fasting for Ramadan. Like rival Henkel, it sells a line of shampoo for veiled hair, but Jope said the industry needs to improve its advertising, such as by featuring more women in hijabs.The Department of Islamic Development Malaysia (abbreviated to JAKIM in Malay) is a government-led initiative that issues halal certification, which carries considerable weight in the Islamic world.

Yet there is still a lack of international consensus on halal certification standards. International Islamic University Malaysia Urgent Need to Have Modem and Efficient Unified Standard of Halal Certification is Important to Globalize Halal Products.

Maizirwan Me! and Hamzab Mohd. Halal Issues in Biopharmaceuticals The 21 st century is said to be the century for biotechnology.

It can. halal certification: an international marketing issues and challenges introduction in the muslim majority, malaysia, the concept of halal is an absolute marketing challenges Last Update: 2 year ago.

People's Awareness on Halal Foods and Products: Potential Issues for Policy-makers ☆. The halal certification is recognized by major Islamic authorities around the world. DSM’s portfolio of halal ingredients includes skin actives, vitamins and UV-filters for a variety of personal care applications.

Halal certification an international marketing issues

ancorotti cosmetics. ANCOROTTI COSMETICS GROUP operates in R&D and manufacture of make-up and skin care products for the main international brands.

Halal Standards for Global Certification