Crosstraining essays

Proposal for Cross Training Employees Proposal for Cross Training Employees 3 March Employment Employees at Nakai have been working for Nakai for an average of ten years and it is time to offer them the chance to handle more responsibilities. Cross training is good for managers, because it provides more flexibility in managing the workforce to get the job done. Cross training an employee is good for the employee as well as for the employer by job enrichment and job enlargement.

Crosstraining essays

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The concept of flexibility is a major concern for human resource managers. Human resource flexibility refers to the capability to facilitate the organization’s ability to adapt effectively and in a timely manner to changing or diverse demands from its environment.

Abstract Cross training plays a major part in the success of an organization in today's businesses. Cross training is a way of developing employees in all the skills necessary to complete many different tasks that must be performed to enhance the performance of the company or organization.


Crosstraining essays

Conrad. Small Business Director. Prepared by. Teddi N.


Young. Accounting Associate. November 16, Contents Executive Summary. This proposal discusses the benefits, disadvantages, and logistics of implementing a cross training program in our firm.

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Crosstraining essays

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