Case 11 1 tamarack industries

Underground mining hard rock and Underground mining soft rock Mantrip used for transporting miners within an underground mine Sub-surface mining consists of digging tunnels or shafts into the earth to reach buried ore deposits. Ore, for processing, and waste rock, for disposal, are brought to the surface through the tunnels and shafts. Sub-surface mining can be classified by the type of access shafts used, the extraction method or the technique used to reach the mineral deposit.

Case 11 1 tamarack industries

Twin Lakes Case Study Dispute resolution is a technique of bringing disputes to an end through the process of negotiation. Dispute resolution is a longer process and comprises of numerous steps.

It is important in resolving certain types of conflicts that may form between employer and employee or between government and various corporate bodies but the main objective of this process is the amicable settlement of the disputes [1].

The way of resolving disputes can be divided into two different ways, which are given below: These are the dispute resolution processes that take the form of litigation or arbitration.

In an adjudicative process there remains a jury or a judge plays the role of settling the dispute and forming the result. The various way of resolving disputes Case 11 1 tamarack industries are given below: These are the alternative methods of resolving disputes where the parties chose to resolve disputes by negotiation among them without taking the help of legal enforcements by the courts [2].

In the present case it is found that an environmental dispute has arisen between the council of Tamarack and a mining company, named, Twin Lakes mining Company [3].

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Background to the case Twin Lake Mining Company is an organization involved in mining activities and is located in Tamarack, Minnesota and the company had been involved in mining activities for a long time. The city of Minnesota is a popular spot to the tourists during the summer it is also a very popular tourist spot and it is regarded that tourism makes a considerable contribution in the revenue of the city and there are also certain cottage industries that contributes to the revenue of the city but still it is regarded that the city has a single industry upon which it depends, major population of the city are employed in the Twin Lake mining Company [4].

The Twin Lake mining company under takes certain processes for the benefaction of the ores that it extracts and as a result of that the company gets benefited from different ways. The benefaction of the ores helps the organization in reducing the rejected ores that helps in lessening the cost of carriage, it also helps in reducing the cost of removing the impurities which would have cost more is done during smelting, secondly, the benefaction of the ores helps the organization in blending with various physical and chemical properties and lastly the process helps to increase the value of the rejected materials by the process of pelletizing and briquetting.

Case 11 1 tamarack industries

With the extension of the locality, the benefaction plant of the company has created a real problem to the local vicinity though it is located five kilometers away from the vicinity [5]. As a consequence to that a dispute between the company and the local council has arisen.

But it is found that Twin Lakes has filed to solve issues satisfactorily and as a result of that the company at present is facing immense pressure from both the state and federal environmental protection agencies to make the major environmental clean ups.

Statement of Main Issues The increased pressure from the government and the community as well has forced the organization to undergo a fresh discussion with the city council.

There are certain issues that have surfaced from the discussion that both the parties conducted, those issues are presented below: Water quality Large amount of water is needed by Twin Lake plant in order to wash the ore.

The ore which is washed with water are reduced to powder like substances. For this reason, settlement recovery pond has been built by the company beside Beaver Brook near the plants. The water which has been used to wash the ores are collected in the pond and then drained timely the ore is recovered [7].

However, the effluents from the plants are washing downstream and causing pollution. So the environmental agents have asked to clear up the pond from all kinds of effluents.

Case 11 1 tamarack industries

Air Quality A large amount of dust is generated due to the mining, transporting and crushing the ore which causes air pollution. The situation is further grim during the summer season. However, most of the roads are owned by city. The cost of paving, maintaining and oil spraying the roads is very expensive but an agreement to do this as short-term measure may not be accepted by the environmental agencies [9].

Taxation of company land The mines are outside the city while the plants are inside the cities. Both the prices are considered to be very expensive by the company.

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Twin Lakes Preparation for Negotiation: There are certain environmental issues that emerge from the processes are carried on by various organization and those issues are the responsible for creating conflicts with various authorities. Management of such conflicts can be critical as they are highly complex in nature and involves at every phase of the decision making process.

There is a requirement of appropriate management tools that help in minimizing those complexities. Certain conflict management strategies can be projected by stimulation games which can be regarded as a management tool where negotiation takes place among the parties who plays the main role in managing the conflict.

The negotiations involved in the process of neutralizing environmental issues will help in bringing out the merits and demerits of those tools [10].A) In service industries, customer contact is of minor importance. B) High task divergence and flexible process flows require more flexibility of the process's employees, facilities and equipment.

C) A firm that produces standardized products often seeks customer specifications. Case Study: Tamarack Industries Tamarack Industries manufactures motorboats primarily used for waterskiing. During summer months, a third production line is created to help heavy summer demand, which is being done by hiring experienced workers to all three lines and students for continuing the crews.

Integrated Cards, L.L.C. v. McKillip Industries, Inc., No. cv - Document (N.D. Ill. ) case opinion from the Northern District of Illinois U.S. Heat King Division of Tamarack Industries (formerly Crown Construction Equipment) has been manufacturing glycol heating equipment since Heat Kings have been used for ground thawing, concrete curing, space heating and the oil and gas industries among others throughout the United States and Canada.

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Von Glinow, Mary Ann Young, II. Title. HDM42 —dc23 Case 11 Tamarack Industries Case 12 The Outstanding Faculty Award Appendix A Theory Building and Systematic Research Methods Appendix B.

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