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Bush boake allen

New York Ticker Symbol: Bush Boake Allen Inc. The flavorings, including essential oils, seasonings, and spice extracts, impart a desired taste and smell to a broad range of consumer products, such as snack foods, confections, soft drinks, and alcoholic beverages.

The fragrance products appear in soaps, detergents, air fresheners, cleaners, cosmetics, toiletries, and related products. BBA's aroma chemicals are primarily used as raw materials in fragrance compounds. The company, inhad operations in 39 countries.

It was 68 percent owned by International Paper Company in These three companies dated back to Bush boake allen 19th century, with the oldest founded in Bush specialized in liquid flavors, Boake in aroma chemicals and fragrances, and Allen in spices and seasonings. Bush Boake Allen was already a large-scale producer of fragrance synthetics from pinene, a compound derived from sulfate turpentine.

Bush Boake Allen had, at this time, 13 manufacturing or compounding facilities on five continents. Its operations were a good fit for Union Camp's own aroma chemicals business, which was based on distilling crude sulfate turpentine into intermediate terpene fractions and aroma chemical precursors.

The addition of BBA gave Union Camp greater manufacturing capability to produce a broad range of these chemicals.

With regard to food flavors, local tastes and customs in individual countries as well as a host of different government regulations had to be taken into account.

Fragrance markets tended to be more uniform, but considerable creativity was needed to gain acceptance for a new fragrance. Both flavors and fragrances required extensive technical, analytical, and service backup. Bush Boake Allen had testing facilities that included a bakery, small-scale ice cream and soft drink plants, a meat processing operation, and an experimental kitchen, in order to test, as close to true production conditions as possible, the behavior of a particular flavor in the medium for which it was prepared.

A large part of Bush Boake Allen's development activity in aroma chemicals was taking place in London and at a plant in Widnes, England, where operations began in Sophisticated instrumental analysis was being employed, including chromatography, mass spectroscopy, and nuclear magnetic resonance in order to isolate and identify constituents of both natural and synthetic materials.

This work led to the synthesis of these materials into flavor and fragrance ingredients that could be produced to exacting standards. Although many natural aroma materials were still being employed in compounding flavors and fragrances, pinene-derived synthetic chemicals of the type produced in distillation plants both at Widnes and Union Camp's facility in Jacksonville, Florida, were playing an increasingly dominant role.

Bush Boake Allen's Widnes plant also was producing aroma chemicals from hydrocarbon feedstocks. An expansion of this facility--not completed until was authorized in to provide increased production of Lilestralis, BBA's brand name for a non-turpentine, lily aldehyde aroma chemical of perfumery quality for use in a range of toiletry and household products.

BBA also was producing, at other locations in England, continental Europe, the Americas, and the Far East, a wide variety of spice products and essential oils such as citrus and mint from natural ingredients such as vanilla and fruit extracts. By this time BBA was the largest processor of turpentine in the world, separating sulfate turpentine into its major components, alpha pinene and beta pinene, at Jacksonville, and then further processing the fractions at Jacksonville and Widnes.

Alpha pinene was a source of pine oil used in household cleaners and disinfectants and also was being upgraded into other specialized products. Beta pinene was being used in the production of synthetic aroma chemicals such as geraniol, citronellol, and citral.

During the s Bush Boake Allen expanded its network of flavor and fragrance facilities in order to bring its services closer to local markets throughout the world. It had a presence in 21 countries in and 23 in In it opened new facilities in Jamaica, Japan, and Thailand, and it also acquired Grundy Thompson, an Australian powdered-flavor company.

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The following year it opened a new facility in Italy. In all, 13 such facilities were opened during the decade, including six in andand more were pending for the Middle East, South America, and the Pacific Rim.

In it purchased Texas Laboratories, a leading maker of custom seasoning blends for the snack food and food processing industries with plants in Carrollton, Texas, and Norwood, New Jersey. BBA's presence abroad also continued to increase, extending to 27 countries in and 30 in Bush Boake Allen had testing facilities that included a bakery, small-scale ice cream and soft drink plants, a meat processing operation, and an experimental kitchen, in order to test, as close to true production conditions as possible, the behavior of a particular flavor in the medium for which it was prepared.

Bush Boake Allen Inc.

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is a company involved in the manufacture and distribution of fragrance and flavor chemicals and other aroma chemicals. Fragrances are used as primary raw materials for air fresheners, soaps, cleaners, toiletries, and detergents while aroma chemicals form major compounds in fragrances. Boake Roberts Ltd., and Stafford Allen Ltd5), Bush Boake Allen, Inc had provided flavors and fragrances to the consumer products companies for use in foods, beverages, soaps and detergents, and so on.

Nov 19,  · Bush Boake Allen Inc. produces flavors, such as compound flavors, essential oils, seasonings, spice extracts, fragrances, and aroma chemicals for Location: 7 Mercedes Drive Montvale, NJ United States. The Bush Boake Allen Ex Employees Association.

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likes. A page for all ex employees of Bush Boake Allen to keep up to date, post news, organise reunions.

Bush boake allen

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