Booth power point essay

University of Chicago Booth Essay Analysis, — Chicago Booth continues to stand out thanks to its quirks—and we write that affectionately. In breaking the mold, Chicago Booth truly gives applicants the chance to make an impression.

Booth power point essay

Booth power point essay

You are welcome to attach a document containing notes if you feel a deeper explanation of your slides is Booth power point essay.

However the hope is the slide is able to stand alone and convey your ideas clearly. You will not be penalized for adding notes but you should not construct a slide with the intention of using the notes section as a consistent means of explanation. I think it is important to realize that Chicago is not the first school to allow for the use of PowerPoint or other presentation slide content as part of the application process.

The Stern question reads: One such method for doing so is an actual presentation.

Booth power point essay

Whether made with PowerPoint or other tools, applicants have been doing this, both successfully and unsuccessfully, for years. The relevant part of the instructions are as follows: Actually, HEC candidates have to make this presentation twice to different interviewers.

I point out the above two examples out merely to show that while Booth's use of PowerPoint is certainly novel, it is not without precedent.

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Ability to effectively convey one's core professional, academic, and personal experience for the purposes of getting selected for an interview. Ability to clearly articulate a plan.

Ability to effectively convince an interviewer that you are good fit for the organization in this case as a student in B-School.

Ability to obtain powerful endorsements designed to help convince a selection committee.

Rotate PowerPoint Slides

Looked at from this perspective, PowerPoint is a fundamental business skill. Like MIT Sloan's cover letter and every school's resume, at some level, Chicago 3 is testing the applicant's basic business skills.

Why not test for it? Anyone who has been or wants to be a businessperson will have spent countless hours preparing and delivering presentations. If you want to go do IPO Roadshows, sell a room of people your services, convince a Board of Directors, etc, you will need slides and those slides will be made with PowerPoint.

It seems totally reasonable to me to ask anyone to use it because they will have to anyway. Rose Martinelli's comments above clearly indicate that the focus is on the message, not the overall aesthetics of the presentation. I think it is a test of your ability to prepare a very simple presentation about yourself.

Remember that you are preparing slides for a presentation that will only be delivered on paper and unlike a presentation that you would deliver, you are not able to take advantage of what PowerPoint can do: Slides will be printed and added to your file for review, therefore, flash, hyperlinks, embedded videos, music, etc.For Booth last year, you could write a traditional essay (no word limit mentioned) or do a PowerPoint (again, no limit; in past years when the PPT was one of several essays then it was up to 4 slides total).

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Incorporating a well-crafted PowerPoint presentation into your trade show event is a great way to maximize its impact. By installing a highly visible and engaging PowerPoint presentation around or within your booth, you can attract, engage, and inform your target . Jan 08,  · I've had a few people pm me about how I went about the powerpoint for Booth.

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Booth Powerpoint Essay Example : The B-School Application