Afghan women and their horror

Afghan Women and Their Horror By: Harassment, violence, illiteracy, poverty and extreme repression continue to characterize reality for many afghan women.

Afghan women and their horror

The Russian Empire was slowly extending its domain into Central Asia, and this was seen by the East India Company as a possible threat to their interests in India.

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In 19th century Russia, there was the ideology of Russia's "special mission in the East", namely Russia had the "duty" to conquer much of Asia, through this was more directed against the nations of Central Asia and the alleged "Yellow Peril" of China than India.

Instead, the British feared the French-trained Dal Khalsaand they considered the Sikh army to be a far more formidable threat than the Afghans who did not have Afghan women and their horror army at all, instead having only a tribal levy where under the banner of jihad tribesmen would come out to fight for the Emir.

For this reason, Lord Auckland preferred an alliance with the Punjab over an alliance with Afghanistan, which had nothing equivalent to the Dal Khalsa.

The British had the power to compel Singh to return the former Afghan territories he had conquered whereas the Russians did not, which explains why Dost Mohammad Khan wanted an alliance with the British.

Alexander Burnes, the Scotsman who served as the East India Company's chief political officer in Afghanistan wrote home after having dinner with Count Witkiewicz and Dost Mohammad in late December The emperor of Russia has sent an envoy to Kabul to offer I could not believe my own eyes or ears.

You must never receive agents from them, or have aught to do with them without our sanction; you must dismiss Captain Viktevitch [Witkiewicz] with courtesy; you must surrender all claims to Peshawar".

Lord Auckland's plan was to drive away the besiegers and replace Dost Mohammad with Shuja Shah Durraniwho had once ruled Afghanistan and who was willing to ally himself with anyone who might restore him to the Afghan throne.

Petersburgthe reasons for attempting to put Shuja Shah back on the Afghan throne had vanished.

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By the 19th century, the East India Company ruled 90 million Indians and controlled 70m acressquare kilometres of land under its own flag while issuing its own currency, making it into the most powerful corporation in the world.

Islam was the sole unifying factor binding these groups together, through the Hazaras were Shia Muslims while the rest were Sunni Muslims.

The Pashtuns were the dominant ethnic group, and it was with the Pashtun tribes that the British interacted the most.

Afghan women and their horror

The Pashtun tribesmen had no military training, but the ferociously warlike Pashtuns were forever fighting each other, when not being called up for service for the tribal levy by the Emir, meaning most Pashtun men had at least some experience of warfare. The standard Afghan weapon was a matchlock rifle known as a juzail.

With them was William Hay Macnaghtenthe former chief secretary of the Calcutta government, who had been selected as Britain's chief representative to Kabul. It included an immense train of 38, camp followers and 30, camels, plus a large herd of cattle.

The British intended to be comfortable — one regiment took its pack of foxhounds, another took two camels to carry its cigarettes, junior officers were accompanied by up to 40 servants, and one senior officer required 60 camels to carry his personal effects.

They advanced through rough terrain, across deserts and 4,metre-high[ dubious — discuss ] mountain passes, but made good progress and finally set up camps at Kandahar on 25 April After reaching Kandahar, Keane decided to wait for the crops to ripen before resuming his march, so it was not until 27 June that the Grand Army of the Indus marched again.

The British troops blew up one city gate and marched into the city in a euphoric mood.

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In taking this fortress, they suffered men killed and wounded, while the Afghans lost nearly men.Get the latest international news and world events from Asia, Europe, the Middle East, and more.

See world news photos and videos at The deepest differences between Muslims and Westerners concern not politics but sexuality. Each side has a long history of looking at the other's sexual mores with a mixture of astonishment and disgust.

“Pressfield has done it again. The Afghan Campaign is yet another gripping historical novelAlthough set in ancient times, Pressfield’s narration of the Macedonians’ efforts reveals remarkable parallels to later efforts by the Romans, British, Soviets, and Americans .

Nov 01,  · In the words of their commanding officer, it was the “day of days”. It was September 6, Helmand was wracked by violence and, across the crumbling Afghan province, paratroopers were.

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Preview the guide now and receive a complete version when you purchase a copy of the film. Afghan Women and Their Horror Essay Words | 3 Pages. security. However, it’s been two years since and the lives of Afghan women have improved only slightly.

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